USA Express Moving Reveals Packing Tips

Packing can be a tedious process but there are ways of making it more efficient by following a few simple tips.  Firstly, sort out those items you’ve been meaning to discard and throw them out. Next, remove all items from dresser drawers and pack them in to large cartoon boxes. A good tip is to pack similar items together which will make unpacking easier, also mark your boxes with labels so they can be placed in the right room at the destination. Separate any hazardous items as they cannot be transferred in the moving truck, they will have to be transported by private vehicle. You can save time and money by using the proper sized materials. Use small book carton boxes for heavy items, medium carton boxes for a wide range of small appliances in the home and large carton boxes for lighter weight and bulky items. USA Express Moving has more tips for packing on their website.


USA Express Moving offer Excellent Service

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Hi Dana,

Just to say thanks to you and your guys for the job-well-done! Your guys are great, decent and truly professionals.

We are pleased with your service and we will recommend you to anyone we know.

Keep up with the good job!


Relocating overseas with USA Express Moving

Moving overseas is a daunting prospect especially when you have to say goodbye to friends and family. At USA Express Moving we understand the pressures you’re under when moving overseas and we’re here to assist you in making the move as easy as possible. With all moving we recommend you start preparing for the move as far in advance as possible, at least 3 months. Besides organizing the complicated paperwork we also assist in providing you with information regarding the compatibility of appliances to local utilities. The last thing we want you to go through is the cost of sending an appliance overseas and that product doesn’t work at its final destination. USA Express Moving offers services to many international destinations, call today to speak to one of dedicated international sales consultants.

How Do Moving Companies in the USA Express the Cost of a Move?

Have you ever wondered how moving companies work out the cost of a move? Well I have and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are curious as well. To help answer that question I’ve come across a good article which explains some of the factors moving companies employ when working out the cost of a move.

For starters moving companies charge different rates for local, interstate and international moving. The size of the move will dictate the cost of the move, while this may sound like common sense there are things you can do to reduce the cost. For example, people cut corners by renting equipment that is not large enough for the move. While the initial cost is less you may end up having to make several trips, which in the end costs you more. Also, the amount of moving men employed for a move can affect the cost, if people opt for less men but, the move takes double the amount of time, it probably would’ve been better off hiring more staff.

You can read more tips and advice for reducing the cost of moving by reading USA Express Moving. While there are many factors taken into account when moving companies work out the cost of a move, you can do a few things to reduce the overall cost.

USA Express Moving Made my Moving Experience a Worry Free Event

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What made you decided on in USA Express Moving?
We had received many recommendation on movers but after speaking with the sales representative I was convince USA was the movers for me. They made my moving experience a worry-free event. They were efficient, and meticulous with every item. They handled it with care.

Was your sales person professional and helpful? Yes

Were the movers courteous? Yes

Were the movers effincient? Yes

Would you use USA Express movimg again and recommend us to others? Yes

USA Express Moving Set-Up an Excellent Referral Program

USA Express Moving has an excellent referral program set-up in which you can earn money by referring friends, family or even yourself. A lot of our new business comes from referrals and we want to reward you for your efforts in recommending people to our company. Under our program, you will receive a referral bonus of $50.00 for a booked, long-distance move and $25.00 for any local move. To refer a friend or family member you must first get their permission and then all you do is submit their name details on the following form at USA Express Moving. The award payment will be sent at the end of the month following the completion of the move.

Interstate Moving options with USA Express Moving

Moving interstate can be a frustrating process but companies like USA Express Moving can make the process a lot easier. USA Express Moving offers a wide range of long-distance moving products and services. The company is fully insured to provide interstate moving services in all 48 states nationwide. Besides the basic ‘load, ship and unload’ service, the company also offers additional specialty services including: packing and unpacking services, packing supplies, optional insurance, auto transport service and piano moving.

Due to the time involved many people choose to pay the extra money for the packing and unpacking services the company offers. In many cases interstate moving involves people driving across the country, some people treat it as an adventure and others find it painful and rather pay someone to do it. USA Express Moving offers an auto transport service which is a cost effective way to move your car to your new location. The company offers three types of insurance depending on the amount cover you desire. To find out more information on interstate moving click USA Express Moving to find a detailed list of services and products available for interstate moving.